Why Trinity

The Trinity Family–Where Brilliance Meets Commitment!

We’re not just a company; we’re a legacy of excellence and unwavering dedication to bringing solar power to as many homes as possible. As one of the largest privately owned residential solar installation companies in the United States, we’ve adorned over 100,000 rooftops with the promise of renewable energy, transforming houses into eco-friendly havens.

With a team of over 3,000 skilled and certified professionals, we’re not just installers; we’re architects of sustainable change. Our commitment to quality shines through our Tier 1 products and meticulous installations, ensuring every home receives nothing short of superior craftsmanship. What sets us sky-high above the rest? Our people. Our teams comprise fully licensed and certified electricians, engineers, and construction professionals who bring expertise and passion to every project. Their dedication doesn’t just meet standards; it sets new ones.

Moreover, our commitment to compliance is unmatched. Holding Home Improvement and Electrical contractor licenses in every state we operate ensures that our operations not only meet but exceed industry regulations, providing our customers with peace of mind.

At Trinity Solar, we don’t just install panels; we craft solutions. Join us in our journey towards a brighter, cleaner, and more sustainable future. Together, let’s harness the power of the sun to illuminate homes and transform lives.

Discover the benefits of solar in your area.

The Trinity Difference.

Trinity Solar offers comprehensive services from start to finish for our customers:
  • Custom solar system design
  • Tier 1 equipment selection
  • Best-in-class installation
  • Energy storage options with batteries
  • Electrical and structural analysis and upgrades
  • Service technicians on staff
  • 5-year warranty on workmanship, plus pass-through of all manufacturer warranties
Fully trained, licensed, and certified staff:
  • NABCEP-certified PV installers
  • Licensed electrical contractor
  • A professional engineer-led engineering team
  • OSHA-compliant training and field supervision
  • Fully insured
  • Home improvement contractor and electrical
  • Licenses held in every state in which we operate

The Trinity Experience

“We’re just so thrilled to be in a position that we can serve our community and serve our people. That’s how we look at life, that’s how we look at business.”

– Tom Pollock, Trinity Solar CEO


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